My Personal Boyfriend Maintains Making Me. Is actually The Guy Bending Toward a Breakup?

Reader matter:

My boyfriend is actually 21 I am also 19. We came across through work and keep working collectively. When we tend to be together, our very own commitment is very good.

We had been busy with work and our life but made programs that people would hang out. The guy ran into a buddy and kept myself dangling. We left him a message stating that I didn’t appreciate him leaving midconversation.

I really don’t like becoming the nagging the girl, but this is simply not the 1st time he has done this. I asked easily actually was their girl or some one from ease. He replied without concern, “however perhaps not, you are my girlfriend.”

How does the guy hold leaving me holding instead of outright cancelling the ideas? Is actually the guy only going for his me/guy time, or perhaps is the guy tilting toward a breakup?

-Natasha P. (Washington)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Relationships are a mutual change of attention. Causing you to be “hanging” is certainly not providing you the care or respect you are entitled to. Communicate with him about his behavior. End up being clear which you wont continue to put up with his flaky inconsistency, once the guy will it once again, break up with him.

You happen to be youthful and may n’t have experienced the love of a nurturing, reliable date. That type of guy is out there and you also are obligated to pay it to you to ultimately make yourself offered to him.

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